Why Amplidyne

Design That Delivers

Whether you’re looking to get started with your first website, or seeking significant improvement from your current website, our themes and template will deliver. With best design practices and eye for design and functionality, our designs never look outdated. We also make sure that backend code is simplified and written with Search Engine Optimization(SEO) in mind. clean backend code with optimized tags in the code will help you quickly take control of your SEO efforts.

Innovation to Differentiate

We also make sure that latest technological treans is SEO and marketing are reflected in the design. From rich snippet to structure data, our themes and templates represent the best in design and functionality. Our comprehensive approach to web design produces clear results and helps our clients to reach new heights of success. We also incorporate social media channels into our design to make sure you’re not left behind when it comes to socil media marketing. Our common sense approach to balance design against functionality will set your website apart from your competition.

Post Sale Support

We are not looking to make a quick buck or two. We provide outstanding support for all our themes and templates. Our goal is to answer support questions within 48 hours on weekdays. With Amplidyne themes and templates, you have the peace of mind just in case you need post sale support.